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Soft Cover, 22 Articles on 158 Pages. Printed in Ramallah 2006

Below are parts of articles and the Introduction of the Book:


The area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River,

best known as the Holy Land or the Land Of Peace, due to the

co-existence of the world’s three main monotheistic religions -

Judaism, Christianity and Islam - has, in practice, never been

holy or peaceful. A more fitting term for this area would be the

Land Of Holes or the Land Of Wars. Despite the special attention

given to this land by God, those in the region wanting to prove

their loyalty to his Word have always chosen a different path – a

path that would never satisfy God or his messengers.

According to sundry holy books, God promised Abraham, even

before he had children, that he would be the father of a mighty

nation and that he and his descendants would be given the land

of Canaan. Abraham had two children; Isaac, the youngest, and

Ishmael, the oldest. Jews believe they are descendants of Isaac

and Muslims believe they are descendants of Ishmael. Christians

believe that Abraham is “the ancestor of all who believe.” The

Koran mentions that the prophet Mohammed is a direct

descendant of Abraham. Jews see Abraham as their grandfather

and the first person to introduce them to God.

Surprisingly, it seems that Abraham is the father of everyone.


No more ideas, we need implementation

One wonders why the Geneva Accord has not created any serious debate inside the Palestinian community, despite the fact that the ink in which the Road Map was written had dried already.

I should confess that I, myself, did not read this accord and, honestly, I do not intend to read it. This is not because I am passive. It is not because I am frustrated. Nor is it because I have my prejudices about it. I am not going to read the Accord simply because I am fed up with new initiatives.

For the past three decades, tens if not hundreds of initiatives have been launched and each new one has claimed that it is better than the previous initiative. In almost every Arab summit since the early eighties, there has been a peace initiative that did not see the light of day for various and sundry reasons; the most prevalent reason has been the continuous Israeli rejection of Arab peace plans.

We don�t need more ideas. We need implementation.

The aim of the Zionist movement was and still is the creation of a Greater Israel and the destruction of any possibility for Palestinians to build their own state, especially in Palestine. In order to do this, Israel has tried and continues to do its best to keep instability in the region by threatening its neighbors and by interfering in the internal affairs of all Middle Eastern countries. Indeed, they have not restricted their interference to the region but have extended it to countries in Latin America, North America, Asia, Africa and other places. Their justification is that Israel is under threat and must be strong enough to defend itself. Using this justification, they maintained their nuclear cooperation with the late Apartheid System in South Africa and kept their missiles pointing at southern parts of the Former Soviet Union.

In addition, both the US and Europe in general have played a role in keeping Israel�s superiority in the region both militarily and economically and they use the same justification. The neighboring countries of whom Israel is afraid include Egypt, who has had a peace treaty with Israel since the late seventies; Jordan, which has also had a peace treaty with Israel since the 1990s; Djibouti; Somalia; and other starving countries who queue in front of the American and European embassies asking for their daily bread.

It is important to mention here that Israel has had the chance to be integrated into the region since they signed the first treaty with Egypt in the late 1970s. Their chances were greatly increased in 1988 when the PLO recognized the state of Israel and stopped demands for the whole of historical Palestine. ...
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The right of return and the right of choice .

Contrary to what many people think and believe that the Palestinian tragedy started after the 1967 occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, it started much earlier. Palestine was occupied in 1948 and many European Jews settled in Palestine replacing its indigenous Palestinian people. The Palestinians were expelled from their homeland with the will, the blessing and the support of the international community. This was clearly first shown with the British Balfour declaration in 1917, then with the irresponsible partition resolution in 1947, and finally with the acceptance of the creation of the State of Israel within the country of Palestine, without taking into consideration the Palestinian national and political rights to a homeland and an independent country as well.

Later these policies manifested themselves more clearly through the US and various European countries� continuous blind support and backing of the State of Israel and its aggression, both against the Palestinians and against the rest of the Arab countries. That blind support encouraged Israel in the 1967 war to drive out again hundreds of thousands of Palestinians - by force and intimidation - from the areas near the Jordan River and near the Green Line, which separates Israel from the West Bank.

On the other hand, and ironically, the Palestinians needed to prove their connection and belonging to their land and even their physical existence in Palestine prior to the creation of Israel. This presence was also questioned, suspected and doubted.

There are some very important and documented speeches from Jewish leaders, both former and present, which deny that there were Palestinians living in Palestine before the Jewish arrival. They claim that Palestine as a land without people was waiting for a people without a land to change it from a desert into a paradise flowing with milk and honey. The international community blinded their eyes and gave deaf ears to these lies. ...

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